Zodiac Fears


1. Aries: Separation/detachment.
2. Taurus: Change.
3. Gemini: Being alone.
4. Cancer: Feeling unloved.
5. Leo: Being ignored.
6. Virgo: Disorder.
7. Libra: Anything extremely unbalanced/making a wrong decision that’ll destroy their life.
8. Scorpio: Failure and inadequacy.
9. Sagittarius: Being controlled.
10. Capricorn: Being misunderstood and not being good enough.
11. Aquarius: Being locked in.
12. Pisces: Upsetting others and rejection.

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a japanese teenager sits his parents down

"mom dad, im gay"

"but son how do you know? are you in love?"

the son shakes his head as a tear rolls down his face. he lifts his hands from his lap. they are bigger than his face. his mother begins to weep

he has yaoi hands.

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Things My Muse Doesn't Want To Hear ||Starter Sentences||

"I cheated on you.."

"Your (insert relation here) died last night/this morning/this afternoon at (insert time here)."

"I've found someone else, and I'm not sorry that I did, either."

"The baby didn't make it."

"You're a fucking monster, and I don't want anything to do with you."

"I slept with my ex last night."

"He/She asked me to marry him/her, and... and I said 'yes'."

"I don't want to see you again."

"The baby's not yours.."

"I'm sorry, but we shouldn't be together anymore.."

"My parents found out about us, and they said that I'd better break up with you, so I'm sorry, but we're over now."

"I have cancer.. and I've been given only 3 weeks left.."

"We've been robbed!"